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Maybe We’re Becoming a Little Too Close

In Education, Friends on November 16, 2007 at 7:16 am

Larry and Craig

Larry Hughes (on the left) is my Biblical Ethics co-teacher/mentor at Westminster, as well as the most widely-read person I’ve ever met. Larry speaks as easily about the Bible or ancient philosophy as the ideas and issues of our day. Best of all, he speaks in a fun Tennessee twang, and has a heart for God and people even bigger than his personal library (which is pretty big).

As much as I admire Larry and appreciate him as my Ethics mentor, I do wonder sometimes if he’s having too much influence on me in general. What do you think?

  1. I am just not seeing it.

  2. the good news is that you haven’t grown a beard yet:) come to think of it, how is that you have gone this long in seminary and not grown facial hair?:)

  3. Probably a case of GMTA. That happened to me a number of times when I was tutoring, especially with one of my best friends (with alarming frequency–and we can pass for twins anyway), but there were days when half of us, or more, would suddenly show up wearing the same color combination. It was wild.

  4. We all need all the help we can get don’t we? And you in particular.

  5. I’m not good growing facial hair, Martha – my face just looks dirty with stubble (plus, studies show that men with beards are considered less trustworthy than those without – true story).

    Missed the GMTA reference, Rose. Enlighten me.

    Thanks for the reminder, Needler (I think).

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