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Names That Are Verbs

In Pop Culture on September 14, 2007 at 5:17 am

Names that are verbs (in no particular order):

Sue, Max, Mark, Bill, Tripp, Doug, Jett, Pat, Jack, Peter, Bob, Neal, Flo, Wright, Skip, Josh, Hugh, Chance, Grace, Chuck, Page, Rob, Wolf, Rowan, Mike, Hope, Judge, Nick, Don, Drew, Dick, Cary, Duke, Pierce, Will, Flip, Skip, Tank, Chase, Peg, Wayne, Rip, Mary, Dustin, Jimmy, Sharon, Bea, Karen, Phil, Marshall, Trace, Rip, Picabo, Mary, Sally, Holden, Tucker, Piper, Biff, Chip, Buck, Leigh, Talley, Ty, Bette, Hyde, DJ, VJ

Any you would dispute/add?

  1. i’ll bite–picabo? i’ve never heard that name, but is that supposed to be an english verb? also, max and VJ. i can’t really get them into a verb form in a sentence. most of the others i was able to figure out. m

  2. Picabo Street is a skier (some parents PEEK-A-BOO their children). Other people MAX out their credit cards. MTV hires people to VJ (video jockey) their music videos (that is, when MTV actually plays videos).

  3. I’ll inform Tuck that he’d better get busy doing… something.

  4. how about a nickname for a father “pop”

  5. Hayes. Pearl (it’s a surfing thing). Buster. Dawn.

    This doesn’t qualify, but I know a gal whose husband is a doctor. He has a patient named Adverb. :-)

  6. Believe it or not, I met someone last month whose last name was Necessary. Pretty unfortunate if your first name was Knot.

  7. Don’t forget our friends: Dot, Tip, Leif (pronounced “leaf”), Tug, Lance, Bum, Stump, Rainn, and Landon (pronounced “land-on”…okay, that’s a bit of a stretch).

  8. How could you remember Chuck but leave out Ralph?

  9. i didn’t know peek-a-boo’s name was spelled that way:) silly me, i was pronouncing that spelling the spanish way. it sounds nothing like peek-a-boo. the generation gap caught up with me–never heard of a vj. glad you explained it.

  10. Some great additions here (Dawn, Lance, and Ralph are my favorites). Any others?

  11. As I was driving today, I thought about “Faith”–it requires action if it is to be alive!! Could it be a verb??

  12. No offense, Charliam, but I think your theology is driving your grammar too far (at least for our purposes here, which are none). Admirable try, though.

  13. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I secretly watch “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” Thus, I noticed that “Buff” was missing from the proposed list . . . . :)

  14. In homage to Harper Lee (and not Bruce Willis & Demi Moore), I’m adding Scout. And Spike. And Trip (but you have Rip twice, so maybe you meant to include Trip).

  15. Wanted to jump back in here and add Stu.

  16. I’d add Taug and Ketch (made that one up), but I like it! Also, Chat (I know someone with this name). And, how about Roe, Moe, Rose, Cherish, Keri, and Cher.

  17. Carolyn (as in what you do at Xmas)

  18. how about pierce, bean, may (auxiliary verb), crush, seal, Ryde, sing, liv, bail, stone,

  19. My friend is called Nudge, and my mate is Ash :D

  20. I think some people need to find out what a “Verb” is.

  21. how about wade?

  22. to harry – means about “to loot”

  23. Thanks to Craig for this great site – really helped with a poem I’m writing. Love it :o)

  24. I once met an “Iona Lovering” at a festival. I didn’t believe it until I saw it on her credit card.
    I know it’s another stretch but, still amused me…

  25. What about Roger? In Australian slang if you are rogered, you are f..ked

  26. verb third from chahiye

  27. Stew

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