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The Democrats, Vegas, and My Parents

In Places, Politics, Pop Culture on November 15, 2007 at 8:27 am

My folks, Rog and Char, along with my uncle Bob and aunt Janice, are making their first trip ever to Las Vegas this weekend. Apparently, in addition to Mom and Dad heading for America’s favorite desert oasis, the Democrats are as well (not their first trip, mind you).

It would be hilarious if my father ran into his state senator (Obama) somewhere on the strip, started talking agriculture, and ended up making it onto the national news. I could totally see my Mom hitting it off with Hillary at a Vegas show and, in the midst of some “warm chatter” (as is the Mary Kay Way), selling her some makeup for the road.

If my parents don’t run into the Democrats this weekend, maybe they’ll rub shoulders with O.J.’s lawyers getting ready for the weekend after next. Who knows?

Only Vegas…

  1. If any of the above mention actually happens, we’d never know . . . . Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. :)

  2. Well, neither Mom nor Dad met up with the potential presidential candidates I assigned them. Somehow, they didn’t get on the invite lists of either Hillary or Obama, but they’re secure.

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