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I enjoy the occasional weekend or summer speaking engagement as time and opportunity allow. As it’s always nice to know what a potential speaker sounds like, below are a few examples. I can also provide references if needed (and not all will be from my mother). Price is very negotiable.

  • John: The Gospel of Wisdom (Part 2, 23:54)
    The Cove, Asheville, NC
    Here’s part two, which features a few of the presentations of the conferees.
  • John: The Gospel of Wisdom (Part 1, 59:30)
    The Cove, Asheville, NC
    Once again, my friend Michael Card was double-booked and asked me to close out this week-long conference on the Gospel of John at The Billy Graham Training Center.
  • When Our Powers Combine (29:30)
    Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX
    In Oklahoma City, two healthy and successful classical schools decided to merge. Normally, private schools tend to merge when one of them is in financial trouble. But this merger happened for a very different reason.
  • The Giving of Self (21:28)
    Glen Eyrie Conference Center, Colorado Springs, CO
    This was the closing message I offered to a community of artists gathered for one of the Scribbling in the Sand creativity conferences I did with Michael Card. Mike had to leave early, so I finished out the weekend for him.
  • TwentySomeone (29:48)
    Radio Interview

    This was one of the longer radio interviews I gave during the promotion of TwentySomeone and as concise a summary I can give in the time allotted.


In 1993, I recorded my first album of original music for Eagle Lake Camps, the youth camp of The Navigators in Colorado Springs. Over the course of the next seven years (1993-2000), I had the privilege of recording five albums of music – three solo projects and two with the band I started called Red Letter Edition, which was made up of a completely different set of college students each year. These were good days.

I loved playing music then, but I loved creating it even more. The art of song-writing and producing were always of the greatest interests for me – partly because I never had the pure musical “chops” to “make it” as a vocalist or an instrumentalist, but mostly because it appealed to my love of trying to hold in tension the big picture with the details. Playing live was okay (and I did that a lot then, especially in the summers), but the opportunity to hole up in a studio for days and weeks on end was always more fun for me. Always.

That said, I’ve thought for some time about putting together a “greatest hits” collection of songs that I felt were my “best,” at least from a song-writing perspective. Granted, none of these songs has ever actually been a “hit” in the technical definition of the term, but these are the ones I still occasionally listen to and enjoy the most, even twenty years later. I’ve thought for some time about putting together a “greatest hits” collection of songs that I felt were my “best” from a song-writing perspective. These are the ones I still occasionally listen to and enjoy most years later.

Below are the links to the songs (75 minutes of music; 85 MB in disk space). Enjoy.

From Where the Fence Is Down (2000)

From From Where You Are (1998)

From Into the Promiseland (1995)

From Living in the Wonder Years (1994)

From Up Here on the Mountain (1993)


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