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In Thought on September 13, 2006 at 11:16 am

The weather seems to be changing and Learner and the family are very much enjoying the temperature difference of late. Though the trees have yet to drastically change their color, it won’t be long now, and Learner has been in a particularly good mood recently anticipating this transition.

Other changes he’s noticed:

– Hebrew (the second time around) isn’t so bad. Granted, he hasn’t gotten to the place yet where he began to really fall off the wagon the first time, but his sense of calm with the rehashed material at a slightly slower pace has made him feel more at peace.

– In general, his reading is more but less, as a majority of his books are more popular/practical than academic/theological this semester. While he still is required to read a few books he won’t try to start before he goes to bed, he has many more that move down to the next level and begin to draw more modern applications.

– Class sizes seem larger this year than last, both in classes he’s had as well as in the ones he has, and he’s not particularly happy about that fact. Several times he’s had flashbacks to courses in college in which he could become quite anonymous, do the readings and homework, pass the exams, and never really have a conversaton with the professor. This, he says, is not what grad school/seminary is supposed to be.

– More people are attending chapel this year than last, but that may be because 1) there are more people enrolled (as mentioned above); and 2) it’s still September, a month or so before the big projects are due.

He wonders: if the attendance changes back, is that really a change?

I tell him to get back to Hebrew and stop analyzing everything.


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