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Fourth of July Redux

In Holidays on July 3, 2012 at 8:46 am


We're laying low this Fourth of July – no travel, no sales, no fireworks. (Actually, I'm working all day, with family friends coming over for a swimming party in the evening.)

Lest you wonder at my seeming lack of patriotism, I refer you to my post from July 2008: "It's Hard to Soar with Eagles When You're a Turkey". Five years later, still a turkey:

"I know, I know: not only am I a terrible father, I am also a terrible American. I should be shot and hung and forced to watch C-Span. I get that. But I'm a turkey; I'm not an eagle. I don't relish the whole let's-blow-up-millions-of-dollars-worth-of-fireworks-to-prove-ourselves-a-great-nation mentality. It's too flashy; it's too easy."

Happy birthday, America. Now let's live up to our aspirations, for crying out loud.