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Holding Our Collective Breath for the Redbirds

In Places & Spaces, Sports on September 30, 2006 at 9:02 pm


My oldest and I went to our last Cards game of the season on Thursday night, during which something (barely) resembling baseball was played by the home team. I’m not kidding: it was the worst major league game I’ve ever watched in person, as the Brewers beat the Birds, 9-4.

On Friday night, my sister, Jamie, and her family came down from Illinois to see the Cards whup up on Milwaukee, 10-5, complete with (another) Pujols homerun and a crowd that actually had a pulse after Albert resuscitated them. Jamie’s family stayed with us last night after the game and, while I was a little jealous, I tried not to let it show.

Today, my second-born and I watched on TV the Cards beat (barely) the Brewers, 3-2, thanks to Scott Spiezio’s bases-clearing triple in the bottom of the eighth and Jeff Suppan’s solid pitching performance. (Note: I have no idea what La Russa was thinking unintentionally/intentionally walking the eighth batter to make the Brewers pull their pitcher for a pinch-hitter, who then promptly knocked in two runs. I like Tony, but sometimes I think he overthinks things.)

And now, I’m checking to see if the Braves finished off the Astros for us so we can rest Chris Carpenter on Sunday and save him for Tuesday night’s first game of the playoffs against the Dodgers/Padres (if we make it that far) instead of having to clinch this silly division tomorrow.

Geez. You would think I’m a fan or something.

Tonsils, Be Gone! (The Sequel)

In Church, Young Ones on September 27, 2006 at 8:19 pm

Just an update: our fourth came through her surgery with flying colors, so much so that we just got her home this evening rather than having to stay at the hospital overnight. She doesn’t seem to be feeling nearly as much pain as our third did when she had the same procedure done, but that’s probably because our fourth has a much higher threshold of pain than number three does (plus number three was six months younger at the time). Anyway, thanks for praying.

Between catching up from today and making sure all’s well tomorrow, I probably won’t get around to posting much of anything until the weekend. In the meantime, I’ll pass along this Seminary Tychicus post I read yesterday that, for some reason, really resonated with me. The guy reads my mind sometimes (though in this case, it was his friend Learner’s journal).