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It’s Town Hall Week

In Parents, Veritas on January 15, 2013 at 2:01 pm

Town HallThis is Town Hall week – one week each quarter that we invite parents to come out and meet as part of our WISE (Walking in Step Educationally) parent group.

As you might imagine, in light of last week's announcement about The Academy, RSVPs for January's Town Halls are through the roof (for more information or to RSVP, please go here). In anticipation of the crowd and subject matter, here are a couple of guidelines for our time that will help things go smoothly.

Emcees for the evening will be our respective WISE Council Chairs, Catherine Brown (Central Campus) and Jennifer Lafferty (North Campus). Catherine and Jennifer will pray, welcome everyone, and make a few introductions. They then have several things to cover up front, the list of which includes:

As most parents have taken the opportunity to read up on The Academy, I do not feel the need to revisit the proposal in full, but after a few opening remarks, will move quickly into an open forum of question and answer in which parents will be welcome to freely ask whatever questions you would like to ask.

However, in the spirit of trying to be as open with the conversation as possible, here are a few parameters to help us make the most of the evening (as well as avoid the stereotypical school meetings seen on television and in the movies):

  1. Come with a list of prepared questions and be brief in asking them. This will allow for more of an answer to be given, as well as for more questions to be asked on the whole.
  2. Make sure your questions apply to more than just you. The best questions for a forum such as this are ones that everyone's wondering about but nobody has asked yet.
  3. Be courteous and respectful of each other, keeping in mind our relational covenant to believe the best, stand shoulder to shoulder, and talk to and not about one another. We're all after God's best here, and we want to pursue it together.

We will start on time and our emcess will close in prayer and end on time. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and hope it will be a good step into a great future together.

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