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In Thought on November 8, 2011 at 4:06 pm

We are in the process of re-branding Veritas Classical Academy, leveraging more the blended model aspect of the classical Christian education we provide, while (honestly) combatting stigmas sometimes associated with homeschoolers.

One way to accomplish this is through language; another is through visuals. With this in mind, here's my (Craig's) Head of School letter, along with the cover to our new Veritas brochure, which is going to print later this week. (Note: Rather than open right to left, the cover and rest of the brochure actually opens down the middle; thus, the "split" idea between home | school.)

For those so inclined (particularly any not associated with Veritas), I'd be interested in your initial response/reaction to what you read/see. In evaluating the cover and copy below, what do you discern about our school? How would you verbalize it? What responses (if any) do either elicit from you?

Cover (Website Big)

Dear Friend,

At Veritas Classical Academy, our goals for our students are much bigger than just educating them; in a world as complicated as ours, they have to be. 

Education without moral formation is insufficient. Students may learn many things, but unless these form and transform them, even the best ideas are little more than a chasing after the wind.

At Veritas, “homeschool redefined” means:

  • Qualified, professional teachers instructing covenant children through classical means
  • Committed, intentional parents partnering with teachers on a set curriculum in a blended school model
  • Engaged, eager students learning to love and pursue Knowledge, Wisdom, Goodness, and Beauty in accordance with biblical truth for the glory of God

College prep is not preparation enough; we’re a Kingdom-preparatory school. By way of our classical Christian curriculum, students learn that competency requires character, that virtues trump values, and that faithfully pursuing vocation – and not just a career – is key to a fruitful life.

Regardless of next steps – apprenticeship, college, gap year travel, military service, workforce – we endeavor to prepare students intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to be about God’s work and Word in the world. 

We invite you to join us in this experience of “homeschool redefined.” Visit our website, give us a call, or talk with one of our many families in the Oklahoma City metro about why they love Veritas.

Craig Dunham
Head of School

Thanks for your thoughtful and honest feedback.

  1. Hey Craig,
    I really liked the cover of the brochure and especially after reading your explanation of the home/school visual. It definitely feels more up to date than a lot of stereo typical homeschool materials would be expected to look.
    I enjoyed reading your letter and found myself agreeing with many of the things you said. This continual reminding that book learning is not the end-all is refreshing. There is so much more to preparing our students and I found that clearly communicated and compelling in your letter.
    As far as what I discern about Veritas through reading this, I’d say essentially more of the same above. But, that it is clear you are interested in shaping not only the mind, but the heart in conjunction with the mind and how those two work together. In shaping the spirit and the relationship with our Savior which will ultimately guide how the education is used and for whose glory it is used.
    I also picked up on the blended school model concept. Not taking away school, not taking away home. Blending the two.
    And, through the words “covenant children” pick up some reformed theology/wording coming through.
    I found one little typo:
    2nd P – but unless (we) form and transform them

  2. Monica, can I hire you to be my personal PR analyst? Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts (very encouraged with all of your observations, as it seems you picked up on what we’re trying to do). And the typo was in my typing (though I did double-check it with the brochure proof just to make sure). Thanks again.
    Anybody else have any perceptions?

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