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Bass Pro Meets the Rookies

In Nature, Oklahoma City, Places, Young Ones on June 21, 2011 at 11:59 pm

Shotgun Nam

This picture cracks me up. Seeing my girls so intently "shoot" guns at Bass Pro makes me wonder if Oklahoma has already changed us in just ten days (into what, I'm not sure I want to know). More vividly (at least to me), watching them awkwardly aim at targets posted all over the display felt oddly familiar: this is what I've been doing as Head of School as well. The difference? The girls' targets don't move; mine do.

Conquering Campers

  1. now you’re in the part of the country where dads and daughters go hunting to bond. for this south FL girl, that was an interesting adjustment! (not that my husband changed and b/c a hunter, we just noticed it in the culture:)
    i’m sure not everyone loves to hunt, but there are lots of girls who seem to enjoy it. i’m guessing that what they enjoy is the extended time w dad, time to be able to talk (when not hunting, and think (when sitting, waiting for their prey.
    I guess girls love the same things boys do! time alone w their dads! they may not care all that much WHAT they are doing, they just like being with dad:)

  2. You know, you didn’t have to move to Oklahoma to go to Bass Pro. There’s one in Hazelwood. And the big one in Springfield.

  3. Not sure my girls are going to learn hunting skills from me, Martha (about the only thing I hunt is a really good cheeseburger cooked medium-rare). It was pretty funny, though, to imagine them being interested in something so, well, different from their normal amusement choices.
    Yes, Nick, I know there are other Bass Pro stores (though I didn’t know you were obviously such a fan). I bet you’re wearing camo and sitting in a tree stand right now.

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