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So This Is Oklahoma?

In Calling, Family, Friends, Oklahoma City, Places, Young Ones on June 11, 2011 at 11:31 pm

Lake Hefner

Believe it or not, yes, it is. The flying bird/bat things? Parachute surfers on Lake Hefner, which is approximately two miles from our house here in Oklahoma City. Weird, eh? It's like California (minus the light sand and snowballing state government deficit).

Non-surprises: Highway 44 (previously the formerly famous Route 66) is not nearly as romantic when you've been on it for six hours (the trip takes a good eight from St. Louis); we should have rented a semi-truck instead of Budget's 24-footer (thanks to everyone back in the STL who helped Megan load up our second round of stuff on Friday); and, while the house is a wreck, it really is going to be a great place for all of us to call home (especially when we finally get to close on the silly thing on Monday).

We had some good help get us set up last Tuesday. Thanks to Becky, Josh, Brent, and Ruth (among others) for lending a hand.

Craig and Keith

A prayer request: Keith (pictured with me above) is a men's minister with First Stone Ministries. He and his wife, Lisa, are the folks we're buying the house from and they have been nothing but a pleasure to work with through the process. Unfortunately, their attempt to purchase a home in Norman has been far from enjoyable due to a contrary seller. As a result (and because we're here now), they're displaced and hoping not to have to double-move their stuff (they also are trying to find new homes for Boomer and Lloyd – their dog and cat – for whom our own Peaches is currently providing hospitality.) Anyway, if you think of it, pray for their deal to work out and that all would be well for them.

So, we're here and glad to be so. I'll have more pics and posts to come; until then, suffice it to say that after our twelfth move in 14 years of marriage, it's good to be home (again).

  1. Awesome to hear that you guys are home safe and sound. We’re praying the Lord’s blessing in all your new ventures (and if you ever do add a boarding-house feature at Veritas, do let us know–we’ll ship our kids to you FedEx).

  2. I don’t believe that water picture is in Oklahoma. You just photoshopped it or something just to make people like me give up their stereotypical thinking. But it’s not working. You’ll have to do more than that to convince me that Oklahoma has something (besides you guys) that’s good and beautiful.

  3. Thanks for praying for us, Jake. The boarding house feature is a ways down the road…guess you’ll just have to move here.
    And yes, Ann, that picture is of genuine Oklahoma water. I think a trip down to the OKC is in order (don’t worry, I won’t show up at the airport in a cowboy hat or without shoes). More pics to come.

  4. Ann, here’s an email my mother received from a former high school classmate who now lives in Oklahoma City – a pretty good summary:
    “OKC is quite different than what most perceptions have been of Oklahoma It’s a thriving downtown with many opportunities for families, children and adults. The ‘Bricktown’ area is the old part of OKC refurbished into a new ‘RiverWalk’ with lots of shops, crafts, great restaurants, major league baseball stadium (farm-club of Texas Rangers), major hotels, canal flowing through area of fun places for youth & adults, huge 16 movie theater, Oklahoma River diverted into Bricktown for leisurely canal rides, Mickey Mantle Steak House (Mickey Mantle & Johnnie Bench are Oklahomans).
    Last year I went to see Jerry Seinfeld on stage at our downtown Civic Center. Oklahoma City University is the United Methodist university (my alma mater) and a great university for arts (music, acting, journalism, etc.). Its School of Law is considered better than OU’s law school. OCU is also known for Nursing & Business.”
    Oh, and the Cowboy Hall of Fame is here, too.

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