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Seinfeld on Cell Phones

In Pop Culture, Technology, Thought on May 15, 2011 at 7:13 pm

Portable-cell-phone-boothI've been out of the cell phone world (or rather, cell phones have been out of mine) for six years and here are some reasons why.

For better or worse, however, I'm back in the market because of my new role starting in June, so if anyone has any helpful recommendations, comparison links, or best deal sites for me, send them my way.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my last three weeks of non-cellular existence while constructing a portable phone booth similar to the one pictured here.

  1. Consider any phone with android as its operating system, especially because you use gmail. You can sync your email address book and your phone list, boh of which you can merge and then it lives in your gmail contacts, so you never lose contacts no matter what happens to your phone. Not to mention maps (gps) for finding student houses, goggles googles, night sky, etc…

  2. That’s helpful, Dan. I confess I was thinking iPhone all the way, but the school’s on Gmail (as I am, running my personal account through Apple Mail). I can sync Gmail and it’s calendar function to my iTouch so I was assuming I could do the same with the iPhone. Does iPhone not have GPS?

  3. I think the use of Flash for browsing on your android phone is a nice non-annoying benefit and Tim and I really like using the swipe function on our keyboards. both of those things you currently can’t get with an iphone. we have the droid x

  4. You know I love my Mac products, but local coverage is the number one question. AT&T has sketchy coverage in certain areas (like most of Missouri, as I discovered last summer). I enjoy my iPhone but I’m sure there are other great options.
    The other main question is who you’ll be talking to. You definitely want to be in the same network as Megan and whoever else you’ll be calling regularly. Nearly all my friends and family are on AT&T so all those calls are free (or included, as Kevin likes to correct me).

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