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Ten Things

In Pop Culture on February 7, 2011 at 7:07 pm

Ten things for my ten readers:

  1. I'm back from my 40-day blogging hiatus. It was good. Hope you missed me.
  2. I'm back on Facebook in an info-only capacity. I nuked my wall, but you can still message me.
  3. I'm not really back on Twitter yet. I like it better than Facebook, but only if there's a purpose (and right now there isn't).
  4. I'm clean-shaven. The beard looked okay, but I felt like I was hiding in plain sight.
  5. I'm two pages away from finishing up a writing journal I started over six years ago. It was a big book, but it shouldn't have taken that long to fill it.
  6. I'm still reading the Old Testament prophets and listening for the love of God for his people in his call to repentance. This was the section of the Bible that I started reading during my 40 days and I'm glad to still be listening.
  7. I'm also still reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, but I'm only halfway through its 1,000 pages. When I need a break, I pick up one of six others I've started since the beginning of 2011.
  8. I'm sick of snow days. Yes, you read that correctly. Bring on Spring.
  9. I'm still very much in love with my wife and glad she'll kiss me again since I shaved.
  10. I'm glad to be 40 and grateful to be alive.

More to come…

  1. Welcome back Kotter!

  2. Reader #2 checking in…

  3. i can identify w #9. i could kiss my husband find w the mustache, but it was just too scratchy w the beard! i know–tmi:)
    glad you’re back:)

  4. Glad you’re back!!!

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