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Three’s Company

In Family on December 5, 2010 at 10:59 pm

Last week, Megan posted this on her Facebook page:

"You all may laugh at Craig and his canine bond with Peaches, but I tell you that doggie just saw a pair of his jeans hanging in our room and she thought it was him. She went over to the jeans, sat near them and wagged her tail furiously waiting for him to pick her up."

Tonight, Megan caught Peaches trying to bond with more of my wardrobe and is starting to get suspicious (I might even say jealous) of the pooch (it probably doesn't help that the dog is now sleeping nights with us at my feet under the blankets).


I hope we're not going to have to get counseling over this…

  1. God basically created an animal whose job it is to love us in visible ways even (especially) when we don’t deserve it. Dogs are amazing.

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