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Coming to St. Louis in 2011

In Calling, Church, Education, Internet, Musicians, Places, Places & Spaces, Theologians on November 13, 2010 at 8:10 am

Mike Teaching (with logo)

In case you missed it, the website I've been working on for musician/author Michael Card's Biblical Imagination Series just went live this weekend. I used Clover Sites to create it and am impressed (still) with how easy and well-thought-out their content management system is (I've worked with plenty of lousy ones in the past and this was a dream).

For those in St. Louis, we're bringing the conference to Chesterfield Presbyterian Church all day on Saturday, January 15th, with Mike doing a concert on Sunday the 16th. The cost is only $58 for the conference AND concert ($78 if you want Mike's new book and album coming out next year as well – see site for details), and I can personally vouch for the quality of the experience (though the emcee/education guy's a little suspect).

Whether you've read the Bible for years or are just starting out in the Scriptures, this one-day conference would be well worth your investment in cultivating greater biblical literacy and love for God and His Word. Hope to see you there (and please help spread the word about the new Biblical Imagination website and Facebook community – thanks).

  1. any chance you will be in the dfw area? otherwise i may have to find a way to get to stl. hmmmm…in january:( ugh! thinking about it.

  2. Dallas is on the list, Martha. I’ll see where we’re at on that one and see what I can figure out.

  3. From an graphic perspective, very nice, clean site – better than I could create. From a technical perspective, the site looks great unless you happen to be using an iPhone or iPad. The site is written in Flash, which will not render on those devices.

  4. Thanks, Tim. Indeed, the site doesn’t work as well on the iPhone/iPad because of the lack of Flash support, but I blame Apple for that oversight rather than Clover. Granted, it doesn’t look as good on non-Flash stuff, but at least the info’s still there.

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