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Calling All Techies

In Internet, Technology on October 25, 2010 at 6:37 pm

I just sent this out via email:

I'll go ahead and congratulate you now but you can decide whether you're excited about it or not. Essentially, you're one of the eight (count them: eight!) most techno-savvy people I know and I need whatever wise counsel you might share.

Let me be brief: Megan and I are at a point where we're evaluating together what a next step might be for us with regard to our online presence/interaction. We've read a lot about and participated for years in the whole blogging/social media thing, but we're wondering how to think about the next stage of where things are going and how we can anticipate changes we may need to make to more widely and deeply influence people for the Kingdom via the World Wide Web.

I hesitate asking too many specific questions that might limit your answers, so I'll just go with this: In your opinion and from your vantage point/experience, where do you see things going in terms of technology, publishing, and general social media that you would advise us to consider in thinking through this?

I can provide more information if you want it about where we're at in all this, but in a nutshell, we both feel we're at a point of starting over and we'd rather not retrace paths that seem overgrown by now. That said, personal anecdotes and observation are completely legitimate here – we trust your instincts.

Take as much time as you need and share only what you honestly want us to hear. Thanks in advance for your consideration and good advice.

Got any thoughts to share? Comment away.

  1. I’ll tell you where I’m putting my money:
    Facebook is only getting started, as a platform they will become more and more of a hub for communication: blogging, video, photos, social shopping.
    Apple is turning the heat onto mobile again and so is everyone else, Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, etc. Watch for this space to heat up to connect people more than ever using familiar technologies like voice, web and video, but just wayyyy closer than it’s ever been.
    Google TV, Apple TV, all of these technologies are going to integrate the social experience into your TV unlike anything we’ve ever seen so you can easily watch videos shared across Facebook and YouTube on your TV.
    Blogs that will continue to do well either keep it under 140 characters or tell stories. The future is content and sharing that every way possible. RSS is dead; now you have to let people “like” a post, comment, or link.
    E-books are on a trajectory to bankrupt Barnes & Noble in 10 years. Everyone will have an e-reader and it will do WAY more than books. More and more authors will be self-publishing, cutting out publishing companies entirely. Printed books aren’t going away, they are just going to be rare.
    E-commerce is going to get hit hard, and I mean really hard, when they start taxing internet purchases. It’s going to happen in the next 10 years and that will push companies like costco to start doing ship to
    store for free.
    In 4 years music subscriptions are going to replace music sales, and everyone will have access to everything they want, everywhere they go.
    Deal sites like Groupon are going to replace the Sunday paper as being the place to look for the best deals. Digital coupons will replace paper coupons. Frequent shoppers will be rewarded for their check-ins using programs like Foursquare and Gowalla, and everyone will be competing for those deals. Google is going to start popping up in grocery stores and gas stations and on billboards.
    I better be careful because I’m basically trying to tell the future and things in 10 years could look very much like they do now, just more wireless.
    This was fun, hope it helps. By the way, I am not from the future nor am I a prophet, so all of this basically means nothing unless it actually happens.

  2. That comment made me sad. I need to read some Wendell Berry.

  3. I agree- That comment made me want to run to the library and hold a book in my hand….

  4. You’re right: that didn’t help :)

  5. Shall I just shoot my book-loving, face-to-face relating self now, or shall I wait for some social media site to figure out how to do it for me?

  6. How weird is it that I just tried to “like” Jake’s Wendell Berry comment, then became confused when I couldn’t find the “like” link.
    I would post something more comprehensive, but I think that about sums it up for me.

  7. Looks like Don and I are thinking similar thoughts (he just gets paid more and is better known than I in doing so):

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