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Dear Christian School Administrator,

In Books, Calling, Education on September 7, 2010 at 4:55 pm

When I was hired to teach at Westminster Christian Academy three years ago, my administration took a risk, as I had very little formal education experience and background. But, it was a calculated risk – one they thought might work because of WCA’s commitment to develop teachers before and in the midst of teaching students.

After a three-day orientation the first week of the summer in which I learned the basics about our school, vision, and curriculum, I was paired with two mentor teachers – one for each of the two subjects I was to teach – with whom I met over the next year. This was helpful not only for curricular reasons, but for being able to listen to teachers talk teaching.

In addition, Westminster sent me along with other new staff to the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS) conference in Chicago a few weeks before school started in August. This was helpful not so much for learning strategy or technique (though that happened to a degree), but for again being around teachers – old and new – who were talking teaching.

LearningEducation I’m sure you have your own version of teacher orientation, training, and development, but I’m also guessing that you’re always looking to improve it. To that end, I’d like to make you aware of a tool I hope will provide another “teacher talking” resource: Learning Education: Essays and Ideas from My First Three Years of Teaching.

In the book, I recount my first three years teaching full-time at Westminster, processing them through the lenses of my coursework at Covenant Theological Seminary, from which I recently graduated with M.A. degrees in Theological Studies and Educational Ministries. The result is a good balance of theory and practice for the reader.

Would this be a helpful “teacher talking teaching” companion for your new teachers this fall? The books are $12.75 each, but I’m glad to take 10% off orders of 10 or more if that would be helpful (you can email me directly for bulk orders).

Thanks for your consideration, as well as for your commitment to Christian education. Enjoy the rest of your fall, and God bless you and your educational efforts this year.

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