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In Family, Young Ones on August 29, 2010 at 7:56 pm


Meet the newest member of our family: Peaches. The story goes that somebody left her with a note tied to a stop sign in South City. A single-parent family took her in but couldn't keep pets in their apartment, so they contacted a seminary couple in the neighborhood who put the request on the Cov Love email list we started five years ago. Long story short, we're glad owners of this cute little pup.

Though it's only been 24 hours or so, we've really been amazed at her sweet disposition, her non-existent barking, and the fact that she only required one bathroom run in the middle of her first night here. She's respectful of the cats (which is fortunate for her, as any one of them would drop her like a bad habit if she were otherwise), loves ham and has learned to sit and wait patiently for it (she's a little malnourished, so we've given her plenty of opportunities to learn manners this weekend), and survived multiple hours of 12 sets of little girl hands this afternoon as we had several families over after church this afternoon to meet her (the whole thing looked so exhausting that I took a nap on her behalf).

We think she's got some cocker spaniel in her, but we're not sure what else (rat terrier? beagle?), so if you've got some canine counsel, feel free to offer your insights. All we know for sure is she's a sweet little puppy who seems more than happy being part of our family (cats and all), and we're glad to make her the newest addition to the Half Pint House.

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