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Helping Dad (or Anybody Else) Get Organized

In Family, Pop Culture on June 16, 2010 at 2:01 pm

The Levenger catalog arrived yesterday. For those (like myself) slightly affected by OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), such a collection of "tools for serious readers" can be hugely tempting. Unfortunately, for those (like myself) more than slightly affected with the other OCD (obsolete cash deposits), alas, the organizational options must be relegated to little more than inspiration. Sigh.

While I like Levenger's stuff (so much so that I even read the owner's book, The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life, when it came out five years ago – it was okay), I don't understand why it all has to be so  expensive; even in this particular "Senational Summer Sale" catalog, their idea and my idea of a discount (even a 70% discount) were just too different to justify whipping out the credit card and placing an order.

The only thing I've ever actually purchased from Levenger are personalized notecards (which I still like, but even then, they were on sale and Megan found some sweet discount that applied as well). Still, as I've been organizing my desk, books, and files this week, as well as setting some new goals for the next 2-5 years, here are a few items that caught my eye and at least helped inspire my efforts this morning:

Carousel Bookshelf Carousel
Revolving Bookshelf
– I'd love to have about four of these scattered throughout the house. Or (better idea), put all four on top of each other stacked in a corner and have a really cool floor-to-ceiling carousel of books to pick from! Yes!

Lap Desk Lap
Desk (with Cubby)
– I like the look of this, but I especially like the little cubby/compartment that the desk surface covers (apparently, there are magnets that hold the lid down so all your stuff doesn't fly out). A good alternative to having to sit at a desk or table to hand-write something (for those of us who still do that kind of thing).

Blotter Margin Pad Margin Pad – Even though I don't have a desktop computer, I really like the size, look, and design of this little blotter pad. Oh, and it can be monogrammed (whatever).

Concept PadConcept Pad – When I used to spend a lot more time at the same desk day in/day out, I had one of these. I'd usually make it about a week on the same piece of paper, but then reveled at the Friday re-write for the next week, leaving off everything crossed out that I had accomplished. Visual progress – loved it.

Repertoire Notebooks
Repertoire Notebooks – I think these notebooks are pretty nifty, especially because of the varying pad sizes, black elastic bands, and golf pencils in their own loops. Also, the pad for the largest one is set up like the margin pad above, and the cover colors are nice, too.

So, there you have it: one of my rare (very rare – I don't even have a category for stuff like this) product posts. Levenger should give me a commission (or at least four Carousel Bookshelves to stack on top of each other), don't you think? Maybe these or other items will spur you on to new levels of organization, or maybe you'll find something cool for Father's Day (just remembered it's this weekend).

Anybody got any other links and/or ideas that you've found helpful in organizing your life? I could use some more inspiration (as I'm sure others could as well).

  1. Mr. Dunham, have you ever been to It’s a website that is all about, “hacking,” your life to get it organized and in order. They cover everything from software to hardware to desk organization ideas. I have implemented many of their ideas in my workspace at home. You can see my workspace at The link is to a set on flickr. Now for a comment on the Concept Pad. Have you heard of software called MindNode? Its software for creating mind maps and getting ideas flushed out. Anyway, I love reading your blog posts, keep them coming!

  2. I’ve seen that site (and others) and enjoy seeing what other folks are doing (appreciate your efforts in your own workspace, by the way). Will download the freeware version of Mindnode and check it out, though I’m not sure mapping my mind would be all that interesting (lots of vast and empty space in there).

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