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Learning Education

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April 27, 2010 (Second Drafts Publishing)

“Now began the real education…mine. Finishing my degree while teaching full-time gave me a chance few teachers get –take important education classes toward qualifying me for what I was already doing as a real teacher. Forget eight weeks of student semi-teaching; this was a daily do-or-die, trial-by-fire, multi-year, hands-on reality…and the best (and hardest) training for ‘learning’ education I would experience.”

The only formal classroom credential husband, father, and author Craig Dunham could list on his resume was teaching Bible part-time at a small classical school the year before. But his mother had been an English teacher, his grandfather had been a beloved elementary school principal, and Craig knew he loved the classroom (which is why he was applying for the job) and that he wanted to teach from a Reformed Christian worldview (which is why he was going to seminary at the same time).

References helped secure him a place among the final three candidates of the 50+ who had applied for the open Bible position at Westminster Christian Academy in St. Louis, but he still had to meet with administration and guest-teach a class. After a shaky interview, he taught an 80-minute Ethics class on the eighth commandment, receiving a round of student applause (a first, he was told) and a phone call later that day informing him he got the job.

Now all he had to do was figure out what he was doing…

Table of Contents


Year 1
Show Me the Students
Char’s Top Ten Teaching Tricks
Take a Ride on The Educator
Educator Interview: Ken Wolfe
Educational Foundations: Reading Log
On Reading, Thinking & Learning
The Ideology of Rationality
Dear Covenant Faculty
Two Million Minutes
Top Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Last Year
Summer Seminar South Dakota
Summer Seminar: A Summary

Year 2
When Teachers Dream
Thinking Teaching
Back to the Future of Human Relations
Relearning Diligence
Getting Schooled
The Contentment Equation
Articles in Practice: Grade Inflation
Teaching & Learning: Reading Log

Year 3
15-Year-Old Hopes, Dreams & Expectations
Putting the Mental in Fundamentalist
Apples to Apples: Case Study in Relativism
Worldview: A High Schooler’s Perspective
How Hard Can It Be?
Out of the Mouths of Adolescents
Why Johnny Can’t Write
Learning Education

“Teachers learn most of what they come to know and trust about teaching during their first three years. Craig provides an insightful and compelling practitioner’s view of the joys, pitfalls, and non-negotiables of the early years that are the building blocks of successful teaching and effective learning. His reflections will resonate with the veteran teacher, as well as encourage those beginning or establishing their careers in Christian education.” James C. Marsh, Jr., Head of School, Westminster Christian Academy, St. Louis

“How does a teacher learn how to teach? Craig answers his own question by weaving together a colorful tapestry of reflections, papers, logs, and reviews from his own early teaching odyssey. Teachers from every experiential strata will identify with his heartfelt descriptions of the highest highs and lowest lows. They will also appreciate Craig’s ultimately hopeful, redemptive tone that reminds us that the best teachers are those who love to learn. They are those who take their cues from the Master teacher who embodies the grace and truth Craig so skillfully reflects.” Donald Guthrie, Professor of Educational Ministries, Covenant Theological Seminary

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