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In Sports, Technology, Westminster on March 28, 2010 at 5:50 pm

Baseball in glove

My fantasy baseball league (Crooked Numbers) had its draft this afternoon. It's my first time playing (I got Megan to field a team as well), but nobody mentioned the draft itself was going to consume two whole hours of a Sunday afternoon. As there are 11 teams in our league, the process took a while, but I was impressed with Yahoo's interface and draft kit, so at least it didn't feel clunky…just long.

Neither Megan nor I have any idea what we're doing in terms of baseball fantasy (we prefer the real stuff), but for those who do, here are my 23 drafted players here at the start of the season:

Pick #, Player, Position(s)

1. (6) Joe Mauer C

2. (19) Aramis Ramírez 3B

3. (30) Adam Wainwright SP

4. (43) Robinson Canó 2B

5. (54) Mariano Rivera RP

6. (67) Billy Butler 1B

7. (78) Bobby Abreu OF

8. (91) Yunel Escobar SS

9. (102) Jason Kubel OF

10. (115) Jair Jurrjens SP

11. (126) Brendan Ryan 2B,SS

12. (139) Rick Porcello SP

13. (150) A.J. Burnett SP

14. (163) Stephen Strasburg SP

15. (174) Miguel Tejada SS

16. (187) Joe Nathan RP

17. (198) Rajai Davis OF

18. (211) Carlos Ruiz C

19. (222) Maicer Izturis 2B,SS

20. (235) Tim Wakefield SP

21. (246) Melky Cabrera OF

22. (259) Andy Pettitte SP

23. (270) Joba Chamberlain SP

I feel pretty good about the majority of my picks, as I've got some
superstars (Mauer, Wainwright, Rivera, Abreu), some solid position
players (Cano, Escobar, Ryan, Kubel), and just to keep it interesting, some risks (Strasburg). My one certified dud draft pick was Joe Nathan, as apparently he is scheduled for Tommy
John surgery soon (information that would have been helpful yesterday). Whups.

Anyone playing fantasy baseball with a comment or two? Care to post your roster and compare? Any counsel or strategy for this rookie?

In semi-related news, I'm dealing with a completely other set of rosters as Westminster's underclassmen baseball season begins tomorrow with a four-game junior varsity tournament (M-TH) as well as a freshman game on Wednesday. I've been working on my signs all weekend long so I don't look like I'm having a seizure down the third base line, but I'm not quite there…yet. Come on out if you're in the neighborhood. Go Wildcats!

  1. Yeah, so when we talked the other day, I guess I forgot to mention the rule of thumb: “Don’t draft players who won’t play this year.”
    Good luck! I hope you guys have fun.
    And good luck in your high school season. I don’t think I’ll get to a game this week. But I’ll definitely plan to catch your club some time this spring.

  2. That’s all you got for me, Nick? Come on, I was expecting a player by player analysis as only you can give it. I confess I’m a little underwhelmed. Not even a thumbs up or down?

  3. Sorry the draft took longer than you or Megan expected. I have to admit I enjoyed it and the time flew by for me. But I also have to admit that there is something wrong with me.

  4. Alright, you asked for it…
    1. I wouldn’t have picked him here, but if he has the year he had last year, you won’t be disappointed.
    2. I wouldn’t have picked a Cub this high.
    3. Flipping through your Cardinals’ media guide already?
    4. Good pick.
    5. He can’t stay good forever, can he? Maybe one more year.
    6. I had to look up who he was…so, I don’t think that’s good.
    7. Dude is old!
    8. Should be a good pick.
    9. I would never take him this high. (I took him in the 10th round.)
    10. Now you’re just copying me.
    11. Picked up that media guide again? Actually, if he keeps progressing, you should get good value here. I’m rooting for him.
    12. Copycat.
    13. Good pick; good value.
    14. Yikes!
    15. Great year last year…playing on the worst team in the A.L. East this year.
    16. See above.
    17. Who?
    18. If you gotta have a backup catcher, it might as well be him.
    19. Sure.
    20. Seriously, you should replace him. Not a good fantasy player.
    21. Probably a good bench player.
    22. Good late-round pickup.
    23. He’s a Cornhusker, so I like him. But I don’t trust him in fantasy.
    If everything goes right for you, this could be a very strong team. In reality, you’re going to need to tweak some things. Just pay attention for the first few weeks to who on your team doesn’t have it anymore and pick up some guys that look to have strong years.

  5. Freak, it was our fault, not yours. We hadn’t realized we were up to 11 or 12 teams in the league (we’re not good owners), so that’s going to take time in a draft. It was fun.
    Ah, Nick, that was what I was looking for. Strangely, after reading your thoughts, I feel both better and worse (not sure how you do that). I’ll make your recommended changes and see what pans out. Thanks for the conditional if/then hope for the season at the end – needed that (kind of).

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