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Aussies (or at least this school in Australia) Get It

In Education, Internet, Thought, Westminster on September 21, 2009 at 7:17 am

I don't know if you've heard/read about this, but my Bible department head, L.B. Graham, is married to an Aussie who happened to be on the receiving end of the following email:

"This is the message that the Maroochydore High School, Queensland, Australia, staff voted unanimously to record on their school telephone answering machine. This is the actual answering machine message for the school. This came about because they implemented a policy requiring students and parents to be responsible for their children's absences and missing homework.

The school and teachers  are being sued by parents who want their children's failing grades changed to passing grades – even though those children were absent 15-30 times during the semester and did not complete enough school work to pass their classes."

Attached to the email was this audio attachment containing the school's aforementioned voicemail message – a swift kick in the parental pants that American educators can only dream about giving. As the Aussies say, "Dig a hole and bury me, it just doesn't get any better than this!"

  1. D$, this is a big fat LOL from an Ethics student that you currently teach. Believe me, when I say LOL, I actually MEAN that I actually did LOL when I listened to this. Go Aussie DoE!
    Thanks for the laughs!
    (Hmmm, J. C….Jesus Christ? John Calvin? Justin Case (SafeAuto guy)?…?)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Joseph.

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