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In Family, Marriage, Young Ones on August 15, 2009 at 10:30 pm

This picture is going to make me cry in twenty years:


Now interviewing for arranged marriages (include references and FBI background check).

  1. We’ll take the one on the far right. Although I’m not too sure about your views on marrying older. Mine’s only 3 years old right now…

  2. No problem with marrying older, Jake, but we were hoping for more of a package proposal (weddings are expensive). Our ideal would be one wedding/four marriages, but we’re willing to settle for a pair of ceremonies if it’s the right set of matches.

  3. since you don’t mind them marrying older, we’ll take one too. and, we don’t mind sharing the wedding ceremony on the same day with Mr. Aharonian.

  4. That’s fine, Steve. We can certainly share the load of expenses by having a combined ceremony. I can get some great deals out here in Wine Country, CA–is that too far to go?
    Craig, does that work for you?

  5. Ahem. I think I’ve already selected the grooms-to-be. I just need to inform their parents…

  6. I guess we could always have a couple more girls to satisfy the demand, though. Craig?

  7. I’m not sure who Megan has all lined up, but count my Tim in. He’s already stolen my heart that little lady killer.

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