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Bike Buddies

In Family, Health, Places & Spaces, Technology, Young Ones on March 8, 2009 at 5:34 pm
It's been a beautiful weekend here in St. Louis – blue skies, temps in the 70s. Despite all the grading I needed to get done (and still have to do), the girls and I spent a fair amount of time (translation: hours) riding bikes all around Maplewood and enjoying the weather. The ladies are all pretty good riders, so it was a fun thing to do together.

Bike Buddies

Last summer, a student gave us this Trail-A-Bike her family had outgrown, so I finally got it out and hooked it up. Once my five-year-old and I both got used to it (the pic above is our first attempt), I put on my helmet and some better footwear and we had a great time. She's quite the taskmaster ("Come on, Dad! Pedal!"), and has assumed the role of my own personal trainer/entertainer, breaking into a rousing chorus of "B-I-N-G-O" while flying down hills (which, of course, is supposed to be motivation for me to climb them).

Good times, good times.
  1. So, fun! I’m planning on getting one of these neat gadgets at some point. Oh, and I read your post about wishing you had a bike rack for the car so you guys could enjoy some trails in the area. You should go for it the first chance you get. Taking our bikes with us to all of the trails STL has to offer has been the most enjoyable thing we’ve done with our boys.

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