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My Little Protesters

In Education, Family, Places & Spaces, Politics on February 27, 2009 at 5:59 pm


I sent Megan and the girls to do my protesting dirty work at the St. Louis Tea Party today (I came up with the slogans). They had a good (cold) time, even getting interviewed by various media as to why they were there (though few have really reported anything – sad).

Here are a few sites where the ladies have turned up:

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Megan got quoted in the paper (and gets the last word)
  • WORLD Online - Megan's post, "Partying Like It's 1773," is up
  • The Dana Show – Click "Homeschool mama! Best craft EVER."
  • St. Louis Tea Party – here's a pool of pics from the day (the ladies are included)
  • Doctor Bulldog & Ronin – a bit of a scary site, but you can see Megan in a crowd shot, as well as a shot of our youngest pouring tea into the Mississippi

At best, the girls were part of something that might help make a point further down the road; at the least, they made the most of a good local opportunity to experience our freedom to assemble.

  1. “a bit of a scary site…”
    Why, thank you kindly for the compliment—Ronin and I strive to not water anything down.
    Also, it was nice meeting you at the Tea Party.

  2. Or, should I say, meeting your family.

  3. No offense intended, Bulldog, so thanks for not taking things the wrong way. I think the “News, History, and Analysis Leading Up to WW III” tagline (as well as the cigar-smoking dog in leather) just threw me off a bit. No worries.

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