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Welcome to the New and Improved Second Drafts

In Internet on December 30, 2008 at 10:32 am

CraigChange your bookmarks/links and don’t forget to subscribe anew in your Bloglines or Google Reader: Second Drafts has officially migrated from WordPress to Typepad.

But it’s not just Second Drafts that has a new home; Megan’s blog, Half Pint House, also has a new address, so click over to check out her new site (updating your bookmarks, links, and subscriptions as you go).

While our dual blog launch won’t make the list of top stories of 2008, it’s news around here. Some improvements include:
  • A slightly wider screen canvas with a better-matched color palette, clearer navigation, and a larger body copy font
  • An emphasis on the writing – current posts, as well as other things I’ve written
  • A Speaking page featuring MP3s of three messages I’ve given
  • A more personal blogroll with links to friends of mine who blog
  • A Current Reads list highlighting the books in which my nose is currently stuck
  • A Tip Jar for you to leave a $2 (or more) PayPal tip for writing you find especially brilliant (rest assured, it’s a small jar)

As always, I’m happy to provide Fresh Linkage to sites I find interesting, as well as hear from and interact with you if/when you leave a comment. Coming soon, I may add some dedicated sections for media reviews or more theological writing, as well as solicit some advertising on the blog to pay the bills (if anyone’s interested in details, email me).

Of course, if you have suggestions or requests, feel free to make them known, as I welcome your feedback (good, bad, or otherwise). In the meantime, I plan to continue blogging 2-3 times a week and appreciate your continued interest. Spread the word, let me know what you think, and accept my thanks for being such a faithful group of readers who encourage me more than you know.

  1. i like the new look. i imagine you’re still getting used to the new platform, but how do you like it compared to wordpress?

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