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Live from the Interim

In Pop Culture on December 28, 2008 at 8:44 am

The time between Christmas and New Year's has always been a favorite of mine, as there's usually less reason to leave the house than normal days (I'm a homebody by nature; my problem is I'm just not left home alone that much – psychiatrist's orders).

The past couple days have been a hodgepodge of doing stuff I've either had to or have been meaning to do for some time. Here are the contents of each category:

Had to

  • Reload/update software on a new hard drive for my four-year-old iBook G4 after the old hard drive crashed (thankfully, I had everything backed up, which wasn't the case when Megan's crashed a couple of months ago)
  • Replace iGTD with the soon-to-be-released Things (I like it a lot better)
  • Renew $60 worth of URL domains for sites I hold for various and sundry purposes (not all of which are particularly clear at this moment in time)
  • Finish assembling my study from our move six months ago (it's about time)
  • Get used to being the owner of three cats (my gift to my four very happy girls; meet Ricky, Lucy, and Ethel)
  • Work the bookstore (2009 marks John Calvin's 500th birthday, so we're gearing up; inventory this week)
  • Restore our family filing system to some semblance of order (I hate the pressure of keeping track – physically or digitally – of legally binding documents for at least seven years)

Been meaning to

  • Redesign our blogs (look for the re-launch around New Year's; big improvements)
  • Finish Confessions by Augustine (I like the book a lot, but I'd rather read it when it's quiet, which isn't often around here)
  • Read The Shack by William Young (yes, I gave in because so many people asked me what I thought; film at eleven)
  • Catch up on Lost (season four is so much better than season three); also enjoying the second season of Dexter
  • Write some thank you notes (much to be thankful for; it's also good for my attitude/heart)

More as I have it. I'm too busy enjoying the time off right now.

  1. Did you know we’ve got a whole LOST cult thing going on out here? Wanna join us on the 21st for the season premiere? I know how you love a good party. (Speaking of which, just found a few old photos from your 80s-themed 30th. Will you pay me to burn them?)

  2. Can’t do the 21st (at least in person), but we can chat afterward. Actually, I’ve never watched LOST “live,” so that may not work either. Have your people call my people.
    Regarding those old photos, I suppose it depends on your use of the word “burn.” Do you mean by fire or onto a disc? Yes, Leura, the world is a very multi-definition place.

  3. I’ll pay you to post them, Leura. As long as I’m not in any of them. *grin*

  4. I remember that party. Leura’s hair was awesome, and I agree with Megan. We need to see these. Get ’em up, Jonesey.

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