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TwentySomeone Specs
6X9 paperback, 220 pages, $10 each (+$3 shipping for first book; +$1 for additional copies in same order) ORDER

Release Date
December 16, 2003 (WaterBrook Press)

“The decade of your twenties is full of important, stressful, maddening questions: What will I do? Who will I love? Where will I live? But maybe there’s a bigger question: Who am I?

The fact is, the period of time between your teens and thirties will shape a lot of your character, your calling, and your view of the world. Instead of asking, ‘What will I do?’ twentysomeones need to ask ‘Who am I?’—the real question of the twenties.

Full of personal experience and practical wisdom, TwentySomeone helps you make the most of your twenties while giving you the skills to handle common life experiences like singlehood, first jobs, getting married, having kids, and buying stuff. This is a guidebook that will help you discover who God is calling you to be.”

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Question of Our Twenties: Who am I?
Chapter 2 – God Has a Wonderful (and Strange and Confusing) Plan for Your Life
Chapter 3 – Humility: Overcoming the Tyranny of Self
Chapter 4 – Integrity: Living Out Who We Are
Chapter 5 – Teachability: Learning to Learn from Anyone
Chapter 6 – Faithfulness: The Crucible of the Twenties
Chapter 7 – Money: Resisting the American Dream
Chapter 8 – Time: Using (Not Just Having) the Time of Your Life
Chapter 9 – Love: The Significance of “Significant Other”
Chapter 10 – Kids: We’d Like to Thank the Little People
Chapter 11 – Community: Living Life with All Kinds of Folks
Chapter 12 – Legacy: Rethinking Accomplishment and Success

Here are some folks we talked into saying nice things about us and the book:

“With personal transparency and spiritual insight Craig Dunham and Doug Serven offer wonderful insights that yield great opportunities for Gospel transformation.” Bryan Chapell, president of Covenant Theological Seminary

“The decade of the twenties is one of major transition for most young adults. Unfortunately, many drift aimlessly through these critical years because they know neither the questions to ask nor the answers they need. Craig Dunham and Doug Serven have done a masterful job anticipating the questions young adults should be asking and helping them find the right answers. Every twentysomeone should profit from this book.” Jerry Bridges, author of The Pursuit of Holiness and staff member of The Navigators

“In TwentySomeone, Craig Dunham and Doug Serven generously share their journeys through their own twenties decade in a fresh, thoughtful, and practical style that builds a bridge between key questions in the young adult years and the experience of Christian faith. This book will serve as a mentor for many.” Sharon Daloz Parks, author of Big Questions, Worthy Dreams: Mentoring Young Adults in Their Search for Meaning, Purpose, and Faith

“It’s a great book…very much right on! I was inspired.” Louie Giglio, founder of Choice Resources, parent ministry for the Passion Conferences

“Dunham and Serven have graduated from their 20s, but the joys and challenges of being 20-somethings are still fresh in their minds. In TwentySomeone, the college friends help readers find stability and purpose in what they dub ‘a decade of transition’…All readers – whether they’re 21-year-old single college students or 29-year-old married parents – will relate in some way.” Christy Simon, CBA Marketplace

“As a Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) campus minister, I am often asked, ‘What book do students heading to college need to read?’ For nine years I have had no answer. Now that book has been written. TwentySomeone…gives young adults the wisdom they need.” Ricky Jones, Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) campus minister

“Principled yet practical, this is the book I give twenty-somethings.” Jay Cline, Campus Crusade for Christ campus minister

“Craig Dunham and Doug Serven tackle this strategic decade, which begins in college and for many, stretches into career, marriage, and even kids before it is all over. I highly recommend this book not only for young people in their twenties, but also for those who work with them (and are sometimes still working through some of these same issues).” Evan Hunter, Ivy Jungle Network

“Recommended for those in their twenties, Dunham and Serven point out that it would have been cumbersome to name this book Eighteen to Thirty-eight Someone. However, it well might have been. Teenagers and adults, no matter what age, will find this book fun, interesting, and useful.” Donna Eggett, Christian Book

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