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Remember Not to Forget: Songs (1993-2000)

In Thought on December 26, 2008 at 10:31 am

Remember Not to Forget
In 1993, I recorded my first album of original music for Eagle Lake Camp, the youth camp of The Navigators in Colorado Springs. During the next seven years (1993-2000), I had the privilege of recording five albums of music – three solo projects and two with the band I started called Red Letter Edition. Those were good days.

I’ve thought for some time about putting together a “greatest hits” collection of songs that I felt were my “best” from a song-writing perspective. These are the ones I still occasionally listen to and enjoy most years later, and now I’m making them available here.

Below are the links to the songs (75 minutes of music; 85 MB in disk space). Enjoy.

From Up Here on the Mountain (1993)

From Living in the Wonder Years (1994)

From Into the Promiseland (1995)

From From Where You Are (1998)

From Where the Fence Is Down (2000)

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