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Death by Crustifiction

In Pop Culture, Westminster on December 17, 2008 at 9:40 pm

Grading New Testament exams tonight, I came to the page where I ask students to outline the gospel of Matthew. I had no idea that, in chapter 28, Jesus was “crustified.”

(My nine-year-old’s words: “Sounds like something they do at Subway.”)

  1. Had to throw this one in from a student’s Ethics essay about what the Bible teaches with regard to the use of alcohol:

    “It would be hypocritical to say that drinking alcohol is bad 100% of the time. Thousands of years ago, our God used alcohol.”

    I think she meant “created” instead of “used,” but it’s fun to think of God gladdening his own heart with the stuff as Psalm 104:15 says is good for man to do on occasion.

  2. But I would figure (Southernism) that Jesus did indeed partake at that wedding in John 2, so, technically, based on theology, one could say God used alcohol, couldn’t one?

  3. Indeed, Jesus did, so one could say that and be safe theologically. What struck me as funny was the idea of a God-sized margarita (which is what I could go for right now).

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