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The People Have Spoken

In Politics on November 5, 2008 at 8:43 am


Apart from the mainstream media practically falling over themselves in giddy delight to declare victory for Barack Obama, I enjoyed watching the returns last night. Thankfully, Obama was gracious in victory, John McCain was classy in defeat, and the sight of American flags (as opposed to partisan placards) in Chicago was a nice reminder that we’re all in this together, at least democratically speaking.

In an effort to make the night as educational as possible for our girls, Megan printed out electoral maps of the country and I helped the ladies color them in red or blue. As we had dragged them to the polls twice yesterday, they were pretty into what was going on (even our five-year-old). I’m glad this election will be the first one they really remember as it’s so historic (my first was Reagan/Carter in 1980, though I vaguely remember my parents taking me to see Gerald Ford on a campaign stop in Pittsfield, IL, in 1976).

Come January, Barack Obama will be my President. The people have certainly spoken, Obama won big, and even though I didn’t vote for him, I was moved by his acceptance speech and the historical significance of the moment. Sure, I still have questions (here are seven big ones), but I can see positives, too (these would be a few). Regardless, my role as a Christian does not change, which keep things fairly simple and sane.

  1. i couldn’t watch the commentary last night. it was awful. a bunch of little kids before christmas. even so, barack obama will be my president.

  2. Well said. You know what really did bother me last night was whatever channel Charlie Gibson is on was so race focused. It was driving me nuts. White men, African American, Latino….I thought it wasn’t about race. I was glad the kids were asleep. I don’t know how I would have explained all that commentary. It was the most clear station we had, so we were a little stuck with Diane and Charlie.

  3. We primarily watched the NBC broadcast, in which Brian Williams felt compelled at least twice before projections were even made to remind the viewing audience that the Democrats had not yet “officially” won the White House (never mind the most recent reporter and/or interviewed guest saying so).

    After Obama’s acceptance speech, we watched a little bit of the local Fox News coverage, during which the reporter on site in Chicago literally blubbered through her live report and her responses to the news anchors’ follow-up questions. I just watched dumbfounded, as it really was something to behold.

  4. Yes, the people have spoken. Like those who actually voted for him, Barack Obama will be my president, despite my disappointment.
    The people of California also spoke on November 4th, and by a majority, however small, they decided that marriage is between one man and one woman. It appears that the gay community does not believe in the statement “the people have spoken,” They have poured into the streets to protest what their fellow citizens have decided.
    Maybe conservative voters should take a page from the gay community playbook and take to the streets and protest the outcome of the presidential election.
    Naw, that would be just stupid – as “the people have spoken!”

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