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Election Day 2008

In Politics on November 4, 2008 at 6:52 am

Feel free to share any good election day stories in the comments as well.

  1. Actually, I like third party options.

  2. Good point, Andrew. I changed it. Meant no disrespect.

    Stood in line from 6-7 a.m. at our polling place, but didn’t even make it inside the building (it’s two blocks around the corner from our house). Beautiful morning to stand outside, but LOTS of people. Trying to figure out when to get back to vote.

  3. we voted early (TX) i miss the excitement of voting on the day of the presidential election, but my work schedule caused me to be a bit nervous that i would get to vote.
    early voting here was VERY busy but altho’ it was busy, we didn’t have to stand in line. the 8-10 machines were full and people were coming in steadily. our neighborhood houses 3 voting places (2 churches and 1 school) none have lines right now but probably will after work.
    happy voting day to you. m

  4. Beautiful day for voting in St. Louis! Loved it!!

    The Obama supporters won on hospitality… free Starbucks coffee, bottled water, cookies, coloring books, sidewalk chalk.

    I love the community-building aspect of voting. Not being a “warm fuzzy” kind of person, I actually got almost teary seeing so many people at the polls. And, whether or not I support him, I enjoy seeing the optimism and excitement of the African-American Obama fans in my neighborhood… to be truly proud of a candidate who is aligned with many of their interests and “looks” like them for the first time ever.

  5. I haven’t voted yet, but I will vote, but I plan to cast no vote for president. Which option do I select in your poll?

  6. Just mark “I didn’t” as, well, you didn’t (vote for a Presidential candidate, that is).

  7. Had to wait in line for 2 hours. A little dissapointed in some Obama supporters’ disregard for electioneering regulations (i.e. handing out voting guides in the line to get in and writing endorsements with sidewalk chalk right outside the building) but at least there were no Black Panthers blocking the door (youtube it). Most people were respectful and it was good to see people involved. Got to talk with some nice people from the area.

  8. Megan and I rearranged schedules this afternoon (she worked my bookstore shift) and I got in to vote around 4:15. Skipped the Starbucks (not a coffee drinker) and look forward to watching the returns tonight. Praying for a peaceful evening/morning/week, regardless of who wins and what that might mean for our country.

  9. judging from the poll results above 55% of your readers are now disgruntled.

  10. Does voting for the man who didn’t win automatically make someone disgruntled? I guess if I hear someone say something negative then I’ll think they are disgruntled. Until then, assume we’re all just wondering what this is going to look like and praying more than we have before (but should have been doing all along).

  11. I know of some people who are heartsick and positively fearful. Many of them are Christians, and I am sad for them and praying that God would remind them that He is on His throne, that nothing happened yesterday outside of His will (and isn’t necessarily *judgment* on us all!).

    I am very happy with the outcome of this election, even though in the end I didn’t vote for Obama. I’m definitely *not* disgruntled. I’m mostly grateful to see the race barrier broken and to see many heads held a little higher as I go about my business around north STL county and around the city this morning.

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