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Take a Poll That Doesn’t Have Anything to Do with Politics

In Internet, Writing on October 16, 2008 at 6:46 am

I don’t know if you’ve been polled yet this election year (I haven’t), but I do know they’re a lot more fun to answer when you have more than two options from which to pick. That said, I offer my very first Second Drafts poll, in which I ask for your feedback as to what you like/want to read when you stop by here. The poll is painless, you can only vote once, and I won’t see who votes what. So, take ten seconds, consider the options, cast your vote, and check the results. I’m interested in what you say. Thanks.


  1. looks like we want to you to shut your trap about politics

  2. Don’t mince words, Rob. Tell me how you really feel.

  3. I put other just to be contrary. I just like when the neon apple isn’t on here for 2 weeks.

  4. Technically it was only eight days, Kara, but thanks for caring in your contrariness.

  5. I read it all….so I don’t think you should really care what we all think. Thoughtful as it may be, I am interested in what you are led to write.

  6. I like it when you write about your bookstore job and how great your boss is and what good prices the store offers.

  7. Thanks, Nick, but you might want to wait until I give you my bill before you rain down kudos on the effectiveness of my bookstore marketing efforts (not to mention checking if they actually work).

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