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Cleaning the World, One Door at a Time

In Family, Marriage on October 4, 2008 at 1:58 pm

“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

It’s a beautiful weekend here in the Lou, and we’re taking full advantage of it…by staying in the house and doing some Fall cleaning. Between the bookstore and assorted weekend plans, it’s been so long since I’ve been home for an entire weekend that I’m having to pinch myself at how wonderful it feels.

We’ve worked hard this morning – doing tons of laundry, cleaning bathrooms, fixing a dishwasher, and conducting our seasonal toy audit. We’re now taking a break for lunch and, in between trips to Goodwill this afternoon, will spend most of our time in the basement picking up and putting stuff away (it’s a mess down there). If we really get ambitious, we might even tackle the attic because we’re nuts like that.

I love days like this – it’s what at least one Saturday a season needs to be for us to stay on top of things. For better or worse, Megan and I each have a fierce “manic” side to our personalities that kicks in when necessary; unfortunately, landing on that same page of “necessary” at the same time rarely happens, which can be frustrating for both of us in dealing with each other.

Today, however, has been a day of synchronicity, and we’ve gained strength from each other’s mania; mine tends to manifest itself in a obsessive-compulsive, perfectionistic way, while hers tends toward a more what’s-in-front-of-me-now, just-get-it-done focus. Thankfully, we made a “big picture” list last night, so we’re not getting bogged down in the details, but instead are making some serious progress on the house.

We’re around this afternoon, so feel free to stop by and check our progress…just bring your own cleaning supplies.

Back to work…

  1. How many years of marriage and kids does it take to “feel” more or less in sync? (not meant as a negative comment on your marriage)

    …And ya know I’d so be there cleaning!

  2. Probably more than it should, Beird, but Megan and I are slow learners. Most of any feeling of sync tends to be at the end of a stage of life, right before we dive headfirst into the next one. In general, I don’t know if we’ve ever felt like we’ve “arrived” at anything in terms of our marriage and parenting, which is probably our best secret.

    Any other married folks want to chime in? Was there a magic number of years after which everything clicked, or have you and your spouse always felt “perma-synced?”

  3. I have no idea what you are talking about. Haven’t we always been NSYNC?

  4. I’ve always thought of us as more of a Backstreet couple myself.

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