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New Look

In Arts, Internet on August 1, 2008 at 6:28 pm

No, you’re not on the wrong page (actually, you could be, but not if you’re looking for Second Drafts). I’ve wanted to change things on the blog for some time, so while listening to six systematic theology lectures today, I multi-tasked and came up with this.

The header is temporary (904×160 pixels if anyone wants to custom design something – it obviously needs the blog title in it) and I’ll probably play with a few more things, but I like the new look for now.

Your most recent comments are on the left and I’ve added links from my Delicious feed on the right, so if what’s here in the middle is not all that interesting, surely you can find something in one of those two locations that might be.

Feel free to share your opinions/suggestions (content as well as design), but keep in mind I only know enough about HTML (and anything else) to be dangerous.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Um, so the fact that you are feeling stressed about school has nothing to do with today’s blog redo? Procrastination under stress — another common element between us.

  2. Maybe a little, Chels, but I hardly did it in place of what needed to get done. In addition to getting ready for school, I’m trying to finish the summer seminary class I’m taking by extension, so listening to 4.5 hours of seminary lectures (and then taking a quiz on it all) was on my list to do today; I just happened to redesign the blog (which wasn’t on my list to do) at the same time.

  3. I hope I didn’t sound critical — I like the new look, by the way.

  4. Seems very white. What did you think of World’s review of Dark Knight?

  5. That sounded critical. I like your writing, the way it looks is secondary.

  6. Chelsea and Kara, I’m really not that overly-sensitive. Neither of you seemed critical in your comments, and even if they were, remember: I asked for it. Relax. You’re fine.

    As to WORLD’s review of The Dark Knight, I thought it was fine, save for the fact that the reviewer seemed so surprised by the bad behavior of the villains. I’m not sure what he was expecting – it’s a comic book movie about good versus evil, treated and made honestly in a world of good versus evil informing it. It was what it needed to be.

    As to his statement that he didn’t agree with the PG-13 rating, I’m not much of a ratings guy so it’s kind of a non-issue for me. I do wish WORLD would stop doing their equational version of ratings in the printed magazine, as it’s too simplistic of a way to do the more complex work of interacting with the culture and actually thinking.

    In case anyone missed it, here was my take on the film.

  7. No, I remember, your comment made me think… Then I read the World comments, not something I do unless I care about the movie. Well, I read this one just to compare. And, you really should write reviews. His review seemed simplistic compared to yours. I was interested in what he said about Heath Ledger having to play a villian…linking that to his demise. Hmm. that made me go..hmmm.

  8. i like this new look. the contrast of the header pic & background color is good. the boxes make it easy to break out the content. i also like sidebars balancing both sides.

  9. Wow this really threw me off for a second. I was even stupid enough to think “There’s another Craig with a wordpress blog called Second Drafts?” before I figured it out…
    Looks good!

  10. i’ll be critical, the changes suck, bland, not interesting, the tabs at the top are good but the banner isn’t great either, are you changing that?, i agree with the person above it’s too white, and it seems now the emphasis is on the links rather than the writing, the links draw your eye more that the posts

    but i’m just a critical, west coast, post-modern cynic so what does my opinion matter

    and i like being mean on your blog to throw off all you sickeningly sweet
    mid-western posters that found you through megan’s blog (oops, did i write that out loud)

  11. Rob, are you off your meds? Just wondering.

    As mentioned in the post (which you probably didn’t read all that closely since you were distracted by the links), I’m switching out the banner with a newly-redesigned one soon. I promise it will be better (and actually have the name of the blog in it).

    The “too white” comment intrigues me, as the previous template seemed just as white as this one does. I’ll see what I can figure out there. In the meantime, go drink a latte and lay off Megan’s Midwestern friends (trust me: you don’t want to go there – they may sound sweet (and they are), but they could drop either one of us like a bad habit).

  12. you’re right

    i hadn’t had any coffee yet

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