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Obama’s Rainbow Tour

In Politics on July 25, 2008 at 8:44 am

Barack Obama, who, as a “citizen,” recently addressed 200,000 Germans (and the world) from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, is the new (choose the best answer):

A) Ronald Reagan

B) Winston Churchill

C) John F. Kennedy

D) Eva Peron

I’m going with D. The buzz emanating from Obama’s trip reminds me of the chorus from “Rainbow Tour” (re-written here for effect) from the musical Evita:

“Let’s hear it for the Rainbow Tour 
It’s been an incredible success 
We weren’t quite sure, we had a few doubts
Would Obama win through? But the answer is yes”

Make no mistake: Obama is a rock star. Watching footage provided by his entourage (i.e. all major news network anchors), I couldn’t help but feel sorry for John McCain, who, in follow-up stories to Obama’s trip, seemed old and more out-of-touch with anyone under the age of 70 than I’ve seen him. What an image contrast, which – rather than international experience – is precisely what Obama is trying to highlight to the world in making his trip half-way around it.

Somebody in the Obama camp knows precisely what he or she is doing, positioning Obama as Churchill to McCain’s Parliament; as Kennedy to McCain’s Nixon; as Reagan to McCain’s Bush. But all the positioning in the world doesn’t work without a personality to position. Luckily for the Democrats, Obama – not Hillary Clinton – may turn out to be the real Eva Peron of the Party.

  1. I know that he was evoking JFK when he started his “People of the World” speech, but all I could hear was, People all over the world, join in, it’s called an O-train, O-train…” Yes, everything relates back to a song for me.

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