Because life is a series of edits

Things I Get/Don’t Get

In Pop Culture on July 21, 2008 at 10:26 pm
  • The buzz over Batman, I get./The buzz over Mamma Mia, I don’t get.
  • That I’m getting older and feeling it more, I get./That I’ve felt “barely able to walk” bad at 37, I don’t get.
  • The Cardinals hoping to get Chris Carpenter back, I get./The Cardinals hoping (still) to get Mark Mulder back, I don’t get.
  • That temperatures in July in the Midwest hit 98 degrees, I get./That people still talk about it and complain, I don’t get.
  • That school starts in less than a month, I get./That school starts in less than a month, I don’t get.
  1. Do we really get any of it Craig? Or do we just think we do. Do we blog because we think too highly of our own opinion, or do we get it? Like you say, it’s a series of edits.

  2. In response to your questions, Kara: No. Yes. Yes. No.

    At least it comes out even on both sides…

  3. I came back to my response wondering what others said. Thought myself way too cynical. But I’m presbyterian now, I can be totally depraved, right?

  4. C’mon, it’s ABBA! It’s Meryl Streep singing ABBA! What’s not to get?
    As for Batman? Not interested. I’m a scrooge, I know.

  5. I second what Chelsea says. C’mon, Craig. Do you wanna watch people singing and dancing to ABBA songs and come out feeling all sunny and bright, or do you wanna sit in darkness watching dark people do dark things?

    OK, maybe I should be asking Megan.

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