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Beauties and a Beast

In Family on July 14, 2008 at 2:00 am

Beauties and a Beast

Here's a shot from our short 24-hour stint at the farm this past weekend. Pictured above are the ladies with Bruce, a ten-year-old pureblood black lab whose owner thought Bruce needed more room to roam and some country air to breathe in these, the twilight of his years.

Slow and easy in the morning, crafts and shuffleboard in the afternoons, dinner at four and movie at dusk – Bruce is living the good life, complete with his own doggie-door into the garage and periodic visits from the grandkids to meet his monthly belly-scratching quota.

That's What Bruce Is Talkin' About

It's a dog's life (or at least this dog's life).

  1. Heaven….I’m in heaven….

  2. Sweet! And smiles from them all, too. Looks like it was a good 24 hours.
    If I remember correctly, your parents lost their dog in an accident last year? Have they been dog-less in the interim?

  3. Good memory, Renae. Indeed, the yellow lab they had was run over, and they adopted another black lab who was only a year or two old and ran away. At ten years old, Bruce is about the right speed for the farm and doesn’t look to go anywhere. It’s a good fit.

  4. Since the girls like Bruce so much, how would you like to have a free 4 month old black lab? I have a friend who just found one. She already has 2 doggies, and can’t keep her. The animal Shelter has no room, and will gas her within 24 hours if Sonja takes her there. She is a sweetie, She is house broken even. Think about it Dad.

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