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Over Halfway There: Update

In Family, Internet, Musicians on July 9, 2008 at 7:21 am

As Megan and I are six days away from closing on our house, several of you have asked about the latest on the Remember Not to Forget project. An update would seem in order. Currently:

  • The download page for the songs has had 116 visits.
  • We have $1167.49 in hand.
  • We are aware of at least another $350-400 on its way.
  • We can confidently say we’re halfway toward our goal of $3,000.

Though the $1,000+ jump since our last update is exciting, it hasn’t come through the kind of viral networking we’re still hoping for. While we had several hundred dollars’ worth of song purchases (thank you), we also had two major gifts ($500 and $250) that made up the bulk of the jump. This was great, but we think our idea still has yet to reach its full potential of taking over reaching the greater blogosphere.

That said, with some broad linkage (which still really hasn’t happened) and some good word of mouth about the songs and the difference ten little dollars can make here, we’re confident we’ll see what we need come in. But it needs to happen soon. Pray with us that it will (and, if you haven’t yet, buy the songs and link us up – check out KerriAshleyTim, and Jess for examples).

(Note: If you’re leery of recommending songs without hearing them or don’t have $10 to spare, go ahead and download them, listen, and (if you feel good doing so), link us up. I’d also love to post a review or two here (check out Ken’s brief comment), so if anyone has more time than money, download the songs, listen to and write about them, and send me your thoughts (and no, you don’t have to love – or even like – every song). I’ll post your review as is, I promise.)

Three easy ways to buy:

  1. For those who would like to pay online, go to Revolution MoneyExchange, log in, click “Send Money,” and enter my email address (cmdunham [@] (Note: If you don’t have an RME account, it’s a nice thing to have; just click below to sign up – it’s free – and we’ll also get a $10 referral fee.)
    Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
  2. For those who would prefer to pay by PayPal (sorry: non-credit, non-debit payments only), log in, click “Send Money,” and enter Megan’s email address (halfpinthouse [at]
  3. For those who would rather just send something, please make a check out to Craig Dunham and mail to 8827 Litzsinger Road, Brentwood, MO, 63144.
  1. More links: Kate and Monica (thanks, ladies).

  2. Craig,

    I have always remembered loving your rendition of Psalm 121 from my summer at camp. But when I downloaded “Neither Slumber Nor Sleep” it didn’t ring a bell. Is that a different arrangement than you used to do? Or do I just have a bad memory? Or maybe it is because I am not used to a girl singing it rather than you.


  3. I don’t have many looking at my blog, but I would be happy to put a link there. If I only knew how. I see the nifty link on Megan’s page. Can I do that too?


  4. Kara, just copy the address of the page you want to link (just use this one: ) , write a little post, pick a word or two to link, and use Blogger’s link function in your menu to paste the copied URL. See what that does for you (and thanks for doing it).

    Indeed, Jeff, the version here is the 1998 cut with the band, whereas I did the original in 1993. “Neither Slumber Nor Sleep” was the first and only song I ever recorded twice, and while I like both versions well enough, I chose this one because the arrangement holds up a little better and Jess did such a beautiful job singing it.

    I’ve emailed you the 1993 version. See if it sounds more familiar.

  5. Hey Craig, I just started listening to your album this morning and I guess I never really listened to your music before because man you really must have loved the 80’s.

    I started playing it and I thought I made a mistake and turned on the soundtrack from “Thief of Hearts” instead… Visions of David Caruso washing his car in an LA sunrise started flashing through my head.

    Anyway, great stuff.

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