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Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?

In Books, Seminary on May 31, 2008 at 2:00 am

Here's a look at the reading list for the Spirit, Church, and Last Things class with Dr. Robert Peterson I'm taking online this summer:

  • Berkhof, Louis - Systematic Theology
  • Clowney, Edmund - The Church
  • Ferguson, Sinclair - The Holy Spirit
  • Fudge, Edward & Peterson, Robert - Two Views of Hell: A Biblical & Theological Dialogue
  • Hoekema, Anthony - The Bible and the Future
  • Letham, Robert - The Lord’s Supper
  • Peterson, Robert - Hell on Trial: The Case for Eternal Punishment
  • Peterson, Robert & Williams, Michael – Why I Am Not an Arminian
  • Westminster Confession of Faith

Thirty-eight lectures, ten weeks, nine books, multiple syllabus readings – classic Doc P.

  1. Okay– but in truth, you’ll only read segments of Berkhof and the WCF. And have you seen Children of Promise? Very brief.
    That said– a good list, if a healthy one. And don’t you love that four of these 11 were written or edited by Peterson himself? Yeah, he knows a little bit about the subjects.
    What a great class. A lot of what I learned in that class (actually, class and a half– Pneumatology was not part of the M.Div. version, but was in “Christ and Salvation” instead) is stuff I use every week, if not (at least indirectly) every day.

  2. You can’t fool me…Letham’s book is short too.
    Ferguson’s book on the Holy Spirit is probably in my top 5 books from seminary.

  3. letham’s treatment of the L.S. is great (if i’m thinking of the right book?)
    i’d say peterson not only knows a little about these subjects but a little bit about marketing as well. this is one way to ensure continued book sales. :-)

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