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Danny and Chaz

In Education, Friends, Westminster on May 23, 2008 at 2:00 am

It's been a heavy couple of days on the blog this week. While I know I still owe a post on Bible hermeneutics, between today being the last day of school and me trying to grade 105 final exams, it's just not going to happen until next week. I'm sorry. This is not meant as an excuse, just an explanation and plea for a raincheck; do stay tuned.

In the meantime (and to give us all an intensity break), in honor of today being it for the school year, I present Danny and Chaz (a.k.a. Frick and Frack) – two hilarious freshmen who made me laugh (usually when I didn't want them to) in New Testament class:

Danny Teaching

Chaz Outside

Last Day with Danny and Chaz

While I affectionately think of them as the little brothers I never wanted, they're both great guys, and we've had a fun (if somewhat ADHD) year together. Still, don't be fooled: they're hardly as cute and innocent as they look. I'll miss them this summer, but look forward to possibly having them back in Ethics next year (if they pass my exam today, that is).

  1. Hey thats me! I hope you have me next year again, in ethics not in N.T. Survey… hehehehehehehehehehehe,ha

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