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Just as I Suspected

In Pop Culture, Westminster on April 29, 2008 at 9:02 am

Cheerleading try-outs are this week and it’s taking a toll of dramatic proportions. Here’s proof, as related to me by a female student who is (and will be next year) a cheerleader:

Cheerleading – it will mess with your head if you do it too long.

Just as I suspected, but now I finally have actual insider evidence.

  1. Nah… it’s survivable. I mean, I have my issues, but I don’t think I can blame them on cheerleading… cheerleading *camp*?–well maybe.

    Perhaps it depends on why you do it… for me it was a great excuse to get into all the basketball and football games for free and a way to force my parents to let me go to said games. Plus, I could have a semblance of a high school social life without actually having to have much of a conversation with anyone.

    In the immortal words of one of my favorite 80’s movies… Social, yes. Demented and sad, but social.

  2. rob and i both were cheerleaders
    so there- it’s all true

  3. Now that’s information I did not know about you all. Any of you.

    Good to know.

  4. ok, ummm, so yes i tried out and made the VCU cheerleading squad, i quit though before ever cheering at a game or a competition or going to a camp, and before it messed with my head, although i see how it can, i have never met a more self obsessed and promiscuous bunch than the VCU cheerleaders, and since i’m feeling defensive i’ll also add that i was 19 and i got to throw girls around and get really strong, part of the self obsessed part, lifting weights 6 days a week and all, my wife really should talk to me before she airs my dirty laundry on the internet

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