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Happy Earth Day

In Holidays on April 22, 2008 at 7:36 am

Are you/how are you acknowledging Earth Day today?

  1. That’s today?

  2. Was it wrong for me to cut down 3 trees so I could see more of the earth? ;)

  3. I tried to combine my errands so as not to waste gas, although that’s motivated less by Earth Day and more by the fact that gas is now three-and-a-half bucks per stinking gallon.
    Oh, and my grocery store was giving away those green reusable bags, so I got four of those. Because frankly, I would never have paid for them.

  4. here’s an earth day related question, sort of

    What will happen when Christ returns in regards to the environment? I know that in some ways we can’t know. Luther is reported as saying when asked what he would do if he knew that Christ was retuning tomorrow that he would plant a tree. Will the tree that is planted the day before Christ’s return remain? Is there biblical precedent for believing that to be true? There is so much that needs to be changed it’s hard for me to not fall into the trap that it all needs to be burned up so we can start over without the damaging affects of sin.

  5. I ask the same question, Rob, especially with regard to the American strip mall. Surely God’s not going to leave those as is, but what’s going to happen (and how)? Wasn’t Luther’s point to keep living until the end rather than one of speculation about the end? I can’t remember.

    As things worked out, I “celebrated” Earth Day by teaching on the Eighth Commandment (you shall not steal), and it made for a very interesting set of discussions. I started with Psalm 24:1 (“The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it”), and from there my students quickly realized humanity has stolen a lot more from God than we actually have from each other, as whatever we steal from each other (stuff, time, etc.) is God’s in the first place.

    That said, it does make one wonder how God’s going to clean house in preparation for the new heavens and new earth. After what we’ve done with the place, I would think he’d be ready to set things right.

  6. I’m letting my child sit and poop a little longer so I won’t go through quite as many diapers.

    No, not really.

    What I really want to ask is this: Where is your post on the earthquake? Wasn’t it a really big deal where you are?! I keep checking to get your firsthand account, and nothing. What’s up with that?

  7. You know how I found out about the earthquake? By reading it on everyone else’s blogs. Either we simply didn’t feel it or we sleep really hard that early in the morning (no comment).

  8. Well, yesterday (since earth day was yesterday) I walked to the bookstore, and to the store for groceries. I also let my washing machine water run out on the garden. But these are not new things. When you live in “polvolandia” (dust land) and your washing machine is miles from a drain and you have one car, and its a block and a half from the bookstore where you work to the grocery store you just do these things.

  9. in regards to rob’s question; if i were a good dispensationalist i’d simply say it’s all gonna burn, if i were a good postmillenialist i’d say it’ll be part of our work in ushering in Christ’s return to tear down the strip mall and put up something more useful if not simply restoring it to its natural state. since i’m neither of these things and am instead an inconsistent amillenialist i’m actually torn in several different directions as to how i’d like to answer. i’m just glad the Lord knows exactly what he’s going to do.

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