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Top Three Jobs I Wouldn’t Want Today

In Calling, Pop Culture on April 9, 2008 at 10:37 am

In light of the news, this short list of not-so-great jobs came to mind. I’m glad I’m not

  1. an Olympic torchbearer in San Francisco
  2. a debate coach for General Petraeus
  3. a desk attendant for American Airlines


  1. Craig, right there with you. Three jobs I wouldn’t want today are:

    Windows Vista salesman (they just extended Windows XP sales date until June 2010, or the launch of Windows 7, the Vista successor…)
    Behr-Stearns financial advisor…
    WordPress Interface Designer—apparently they have recently made some changes and there are more than a few complaints.

  2. Jobs I don’t want:
    1. Anything on Hilary Clinton’s campaign, but especially her spin doctor.
    2. The Child Protective Service agents who are trying to find homes for 401 children that just got removed from a fundamentalist Mormon polygamy compound in Texas.

  3. seminary student

  4. A couple more:

    The person who has to tell Katie Couric she’s about to be out of a job

    Anybody playing as part of Tiger Wood’s foursome at The Masters

  5. Britney’s Life Coach
    Red Letter Edition Marketing Strategist
    Eskimo Swim Coach
    Richard Simmons’ Video Editor
    Pirates Pitching Coach

  6. A New Testament Teacher…

    Just kidding.

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