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In Calling, Education, Seminary on April 2, 2008 at 2:00 am

I had an appointment for some academic advising at Covenant this afternoon and, in the process of doing the old degree audit and figuring out what I've taken and what I still need to take, I got some good news this April Fool's Day.

Barring any major screw-ups, I should finish my MA in Theological Studies one year from now. More good news: if class scheduling works out, I could be done with my MA in Educational Ministries the following spring.

Then I's bonafide.

  1. Professor Dunham! I recalled your wedding anecdote last night (the one where you were 10 or 11 and suddenly realized what everyone knew the couple would be doing) because our church is doing a book study of Lauren Winner’s “Real Sex.” Decided I miss you, miss the ladies (who are growing up at an alarmingly fast pace, at least from a distance). Might there be a cool conference we could all attend/run at Glen Eyrie? I’ll even bring ze hubby and ze wee one and introduce them to you and the Bighorn Sheep.

  2. I think my conference planning/running days are over, Jo, but it’d be fun to meet up the fams, either there or here. St. Louis is a great town full of free stuff for kids, so when Junior gets a little older, consider us a destination.
    Glad you’re reading Lauren’s book – it’s a good one.

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