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Never Settle

In Books, Writing on April 2, 2008 at 11:26 am

Early last month, I got interviewed by one Julia Furlan from New York University for a story she was doing on twenty-somethings. The story was for NYU’s LiveWire service:

“Livewire offers newspapers, magazines and digital publishers original feature stories meant to help capture a coveted audience: the under-30 reader. Our stories, written by New York University journalism students and rigorously edited by their working journalist professors, are about everything in life that interests young people. That is, they’re about everything – education and careers, politics and policy, adventures and music, the environment and the future.”

I’m not sure if it’s in finished form or not (it’s got a few typos), but her story, “Never Settle,” is up. It’d be great if one of their subscribers picked up an edited (or even longer – the interview was easily an hour) version of the piece, but we’ll see what happens.

  1. Nice work. I enjoyed the article. Tell her to make it longer.

  2. Thanks, Matt. Apparently, Julia’s editors cut her original article by almost half (600 words), so the piece is considerably shorter.

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