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Politics That Make You Go “Hmmm”

In Politics on March 3, 2008 at 9:14 am

In light of the primaries tomorrow (supposedly a dead heat), two questions keep floating through my head. First, why has Clinton‘s campaign been so poorly run (especially since January)? The second is, in light of number one, why is Obama not set to run away with the primaries tomorrow (and the democratic nomination as a result)?

Any theories?

  1. The media makes more money off of a close race, so they’re going to portray it as such. We The People really don’t know how close the race is in truth.

  2. Has Senator Clinton’s campaign been poorly run? Keeping in mind some very large negative polling numbers; I believe the race is only as close as it is due to the productivity of her campaign staff. If they hadn’t been running things so well, Senator Obama would have probably already wrapped up the nomination . . . . just a theory.

  3. I suppose you could espouse the theory, Charliam, but when you consider she lost 11 straight primaries, has tried a variety of tactics (that have come off as “tactics” – i.e. Bill), and followed any of the recent desperation leading up to Tuesday, I don’t see how the idea holds water. The Democratic nomination was hers to lose, and she’s about to lose it.

  4. or is that what the media wants us to think . . . lol

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