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Caption Contest Winners

In Pop Culture, Westminster on March 1, 2008 at 2:00 am

For those following the caption contest and waiting with bated breath for the results, Megan has made her final evaluative decisions. Her rankings and rationale:

#5 "I feel like life is changing, and it all depends on this little box." (Maddie) – okay, so I'm a little biased, but this was pretty good for a nine-year-old

#4 “no, i swear i had a righteous, flowing mullet at least this long…” (Tom) – this amused me because I thought Tom would look pretty cool with one and giggled at the idea

#3 “… and that’s when I stole Rob Bell’s glasses.” (Travis) – this made me laugh out loud because Craig could care less about stealing style from anybody

#2 "Now, these…are spirit fingers! (Tim) – this was just hilarious because I wonder (and worry) sometimes about Craig's tendency to watch TBN just for fun

#1 "My respect for your opinion would fit in this box." (Skinner) – this was the winner because of its ironic truth; even though it's so far from what Craig wants, we all know he has his moments
Thanks to Megan for judging the contest, as well as to everyone who participated. And, congratulations to our top five finishers for making fun of me. Truly, you have a gift.

  1. I wanted to say also, that really is a great picture of you.
    Thanks for putting yourself out there for our fun!

  2. i didn’t know meagan was choosing! i would have altered my entry, maybe something like “now that we are as old as we are, we can only stay out this much past eight thirty” or something. or at least i would have included something about oklahoma.

  3. I definitely like the “spirit fingers”. One of the first times I have laughed out loud that hard in some time. So, you should have the picture blown-up, with the caption, into posters, then autograph them and sell them–in numbered editions obviously. I would at least like one from the first 10.

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