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Playing Caffeine Cop

In Pop Culture on February 27, 2008 at 7:04 am

Hey all you Starbucks addicts fans out there, did it work? Comment and file your report.

  1. So…you’re asking people to identify themselves as fans of Starbucks?

    Good luck.

  2. Indeed, Laurel, as illustrated by the lack of feedback here so far, you may be onto something here.

    My thesis: the Starbucks brand is the ultimate ying/yang of cool/uncool. Everyone wants a Starbucks cup in hand (as opposed to, say, one from Dunkin Donuts), but nobody wants to fess up to drinking the coffee inside (and what they paid for it).

  3. i’d rather drink better coffee but it’s harder to get here in st. louis
    fortunately i’m moving to the promise land where a good non corporate coffee shop is on every other corner, and the coffee really is better, i was spoiled this past summer and disappointed to come back to starbucks
    i didn’t notice any difference in my grande americano this morning

  4. I work for the Bux, and I know that my store is doing its part to provide better service and more perfect lattes to our customers. But really, perfection in a latte is really subjective. Each customer will have their own view of how to make it “perfect” in their mouth (latte in the eye didn’t sound comforting). I can say that if we (Baristas) do what we were taught and continuously hold one another accountable, all of your espresso beverages will be consistent when bought from corporate stores, liscensed sstores haven’t received the training yet.

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