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Oh, the Inanimacy

In Pop Culture on February 5, 2008 at 10:25 pm

Human Christmas Tree

I spent my birthday teaching as a Christmas tree per Westminster‘s Spirit Week festivities going on all this week (today was “inanimate object” day).

And that’s all I have to say about that.

  1. Wow… um.. happy birthday and stuff.

  2. Inanimate object day? Fun! When I was a student, they had lame stuff like Superhero day and dress like your hero day and celebrity day. Didn’t the extension cord cause trouble?

    Go Wildcats!

  3. Tomorrow is Fairy Tale day. My best idea is to don a wig of long black hair, find some leather pants and jacket, strap an electric guitar across my back, and go as Cinderella (the band), but I’m not sure I can pull it together between now and tomorrow morning. Ideas?

    The extension cord wasn’t a problem at all – I just carried it with me (it was about ten feet long) and plugged in wherever I was. For once in my life, you could say I lit up the room.

  4. Hey, shouldn’t you have a star or angel or som’tin’ on top?

  5. As this photo was being taken, the girls were all four in process of creating a very special star headband for Craig to wear to school. He looked gooooo-ooooo-ooood.

  6. Remember when we went as spear catchers?? Good times . . . good times.
    Also, thought it was cool to see the “self-proclaimed” Grinch go as a Christmas Tree!! :)

  7. I did enjoy the expression-(less?) Christmas tree. Also, Craig I think you should do more under lighting it really suits you.

  8. Just so you know, that just made my day. Especially the part about plugging yourself in wherever you went.

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